Ni Hao!

Welcome to the first post on Speaking Out on Life.  Hopefully many of you are regulars from Speaking Out on Sex (formerly Speaking Out in Class).  Here is the new home to everything that is not sex; the stories of my kids, my wife, our friends, my cooking, and everything else.  The only thing that will not be posted on this blog is sex.  Sex has a home and you are more than welcome to visit, maybe you will find something interesting there as well.

For regular readers, thank you for coming over.  I hope that you continue to follow along and give this blog time to grow as the first blog grew, as in leaps and bounds.

At the moment I am going to leave everything where it is regardless of topic.  The reasons being that there is a lot of material to move.  Not all of it should be moved and if I moved everything over here it would just look odd.  There will be some old blog posts that will find their way here, but most will remain on Speaking Out on Sex.  A schizophrenic way of blogging, but one that suits the writer for now.

I will get this blog organized and looking good soon enough.  One thing that may please current readers and followers is that I will be keeping the same categories and tags.  That way you don’t have to learn a new system and neither do I.

Again, thank you for moving around with me.  As always if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions please speak up (out?).

P.S. The Research Monkey has also made the move.


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