How Do Ninjas Do It?

A preface of sorts, if you are in the Michigan area of the world then you know what I know, that the temperature took a leap off a cliff and hasn’t hit bottom yet.  For those readers who are living in truly cold portions of the world, I know that I shouldn’t complain about -2 degrees when in Siberia the temperature is probably -40 or something equally horrifying to my still defrosting body.  However, for Michigan where the temperature has been a more reasonable 20 to 30 degrees, minus anything is cold.

Lego NinjaUnlike many of the college students that I see walking around campus without a winter coat, hat, or a decent pair of gloves I am all winterized.  I have winter weight camouflage pants, a good winter coat, a Soviet Union Tank Driver winter cap, fingerless gloves, over which I wear winter gloves, hunting boots and two pairs of socks.  AND Barb gave me a scarf that she knitted (the scarf was supposed to be an afghan) to wear.  I am in other words prepared for the cold.

But…my body is still cold  and worse than being cold my glasses fogged up while I was walking to class.  Nothing weirder than trying to stay warm only to have the warmth cause your glasses to fog over so bad that you can’t see where you are walking.  I really couldn’t see through my glasses and the only solution was to stop using the warmth causing facial device, or scarf, long enough for my glasses to defog.  Given that the point of the scarf was to keep my face warm, this seemed like some sort of bizarre betrayal.  I could see again, but my nose was cold, worse than being cold my sinuses were rapidly drying up and this is a bad thing for me.

While you may not need to know this this detail is important to why I had a scarf.  If my sinuses get dried out too bad and then warm up to fast or I should touch my nose wrong I get a bloody nose.  This is just how the nose-sinus situation has always been.  The scarf was to keep my face warm and more importantly to others (I don’t care if I get a bloody nose and my face is covered in blood.  I just go to the nearest bathroom and wash the blood off, but blood seems to freak out other people.) to keep me from getting a bloody nose and here I was with a cold face, drying out sinuses, but I could finally see.  Which was a good thing because I had to cross the street and the college student driving situation around here is scary when the conditions are perfect, tack on snow and ice and the one accident a day becomes two or three accidents a day.

So as I continued walking fiddling with my scarf and face combinations I had to wonder how do ninjas do it?  They wear scarves of a sort that cover their mouth and nose.  How come they don’t run into the same problems and if anyone says ninjas don’t wear glasses let me tell you right now that those are the good ninjas because you don’t see them.  Is there a trick to wearing a scarf, staying warm, and not fogging your glasses up?  Mouth breathing, nope.  Nose breathing, nope.  Not breathing…well once I picked myself up off the ground I realized that too was a nope.


8 thoughts on “How Do Ninjas Do It?

  1. I totally understand!! switch out sinus stuff with asthma and I am with you. Sometimes I can’t breath because of the asthma and then not see because of my glasses. So either way I am stumbling through the snow and trying to walk fast so that I can get out of the cold and walking slow enough that my lungs don’t hurt. But I still love the winter…I’m an oddball like that.

    1. ankoku1331

      The mental image of you walking fast with foggy glasses is pretty funny to me, but that is only because I was trying to walk slow with foggy glasses. 🙂

  2. definitely from the same part of the country. 🙂 I have the same glasses problem too. -18 with the wind chill. I told the kids they couldn’t walk out without a coat, hat, gloves and a scarf.

    1. ankoku1331

      -18 oh, I’m sorry I complained at all and feel bad for you when outside. Our kids ended up looking like that kid from Christmas Story, so much winter gear they couldn’t put down their arms or walk normal. 🙂

  3. It hasn’t been above 20 degrees here in weeks. Fortunately there is a slight warm-up coming. Had several days with negative wind-chills already this year. Not much fun for sure.

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