The Healing Power of the Xbox

[cough cough cough]

Son of a bitch!

[cough cough]

Damn the girl is coughing her sleep again.

[cough cough snore]


[snore cough snore]

That is…oh damn.

[long snore cough cough snore]

I am a light sleeper.  I didn’t used to be, but years of…well stupid behavior taught me to sleep light and now many years removed from said stupid behavior I am still a light sleeper and it pisses me off.  Somebody slams a car door, I wake up.  A child rolls over and hits their wall, I wake up.  When the children were babies I was the one who responded to their cries and noises, not Barb she could sleep through anything.  Wait change that could to still does sleep through anything.

Here is another factoid that involves sleep and Barb, when she snores she is getting sick.  When she gets sick her snores turn into the most horrific noises that a mind that is sound asleep can picture.  My mind at least.  Much like having a dream about water means I need to get up and go to the bathroom if I have a dream about monsters Barb is catching a cold and snoring.  She caught a cold.

The Today Show of all days was doing a “story” on who is worse when sick men or women.  The gist of the story was that men are genetically pre-disposed to whine more when sick which ensures that they get medical attention faster.  Whereas women do not whine, suffer, and tend to die from whatever ails them.  What does this have to do with anything other than a correlation to Barb being a woman and a sick woman at that?   Less than an hour before I was telling her that she should stay home.  She was feeling and looking like a sick person, my argument being we kept the boy home when he initially caught the cold to allow him a chance to get better faster and to keep from infecting his classmates.  Thus, Barb should do the same, stay home to get better, personally she could go to class and infect all of the Pharmpeople and I would just smile.

My argument fell on receptive, but resistant ears, until the Today Show “story” came on.  Now she whines a lot, but is getting the necessary attention to take care of the cold.  Having witnessed how much playing Xbox “cured” our daughter, I wisely suggested to Barb that she sit down and play some Xbox.  My thinking being if the Xbox could heal our daughter then it could cure her or at least keep her busy enough that she wouldn’t notice the symptoms and thus stop whining. 🙂

Sick people whining is annoying.  No, I don’t whine…well…if I am vomiting I whine, but I hate vomiting.  When I am sick I sleep, thus no whining.  Has the Xbox healed Barb?  The jury is still out on that.  She hasn’t been coughing as much.  She hasn’t been whining as much.  She has completed a couple of the Bard’s guild quests while wandering around Skyrim.


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