Meetings Here, Meetings There, Meetings Everywhere

Carmen SandiegoWhere in the world is Carmen Sandiego? I don’t know.  I hope that she is sitting on the beach, drinking a pina colada, watching the world go by in slow motion.  Me, I was running around in meetings.  Who am I?  Am I some harried wageslave running from business to business trying to convince them that my left handed widget is the best left handed widget for them?  No.  I am just a man, a writer at that, in the grand scheme of things a mote.  However, this mote was busy as all get out for a while today.  Follow along.

I am a mote in the wind.  Pray I don’t end up in your eye.

For the first time in four days my boy had to go back to school, which was odd because the weather this morning was much worse than the morning two mornings ago, which was not as bad as the morning three mornings ago.  His going back to school was a good thing and a bad thing.  The bad thing was that he didn’t want to go back to school and all of us were running late, much like the first week after summer break.  The good thing was that because he was going back to school that meant that his Principle would be in the office and I had a meeting with him.

Here is something I learned today, even if the school had been closed he would have been in the office, for contractual reasons.  Still the school was open and I went to my meeting where I presented the first half of On Volunteering to him.  For those new to this blog, On Volunteering is a book on being and utilizing volunteers better in grade schools that I started last summer.  The first half of the book is done.  The first half of the book is my side of the story.  I need the thoughts of the professionals.  Thus my request to him was simple, read this, and give me your thoughts.  After giving his thoughts, share, and continue sharing until everyone who wants to contribute has.  Then we will work together to make the best book about volunteering that we can.

From there we rushed off, Barb and my girl were with me, to another meeting with the grocery store.  Seems that Barb got a yogurt that was open.  She wanted a non-open yogurt.  This was a quick meeting.

Then off to a lunch meeting with Paul ZubE.  Much like being set up for a date, what I thought was going to be lunch and talking about a project, I was ambushed by all of the cool communication professors on campus.  I got to meet three new professors that he assured me that I would like and their classes.  After meeting them, I am pretty sure that I would.  Then talk briefly turned to me getting a second major, in communications of course.  Somehow I can see this happening.  The meeting was long, very productive, and no I will not be sharing the details with you because I am not a liberty to do so…okay that sounds very mysterious…the reality is that the topic was school stuff.

Max HeadroomFinally, back home where I had one last meeting with a head in a box on my computer.  A professor of mine likes to hold online meetings where only his head is visible and he goes over assignments with us.  Weird at first, but I am not used to them.  I just pretend he is Max Headroom (anyone?).  Good news from this meeting is that he was pretty happy with my latest paper.

This was my busy day, which concludes with this post, me working on questions for other people, and watching some Archer tonight.


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