Try to Keep a Secret

“Whoop der it is”

“Whoop der it is,” my girl is singing.

“What is a whoop?”

“Is a whoop an owl?  Owls say whoop.”

“I can’t hold my bladder.”

And that folks was one burst from my girl while waiting to get my boy.  I never was able to discuss what a whoop was and to be honest with you I am glad that she couldn’t hold her bladder because I don’t know what my answer to what a whoop is would have been.  Bladder safely in place and both children in the car the question of the moment becomes this:

“What would you like to get mom for Valentines Day?”

“Choclick,” my girl blurts out.

“Not too much though, sugar is bad for you,” my educated boy says.

“Small choclick,” from my girl.

“Small choclick is good,” says my boy.

“A heart.”


“A choclick heart,” my girl says.

“But not a big heart,” says my boy.

“Okay we are agreed choclick, I mean chocolate, what else,” I ask?

“We should get her that Megablock Dragon that you saw,” my boy says.

“Your mother isn’t that big of a fan of Megablocks,” I say.

“But she likes dragons,” my boy replies.

“She likes cats too,” says my girl.

“How about something else,” I respond to both of them while navigating through the traffic?

“She likes Legos,” my boy says.  He is trying to angle for a kit for himself.

“Yes, but what would we get her?”

“How about Lego Outer Space,” he replies, which is something that he has been looking at?

“She likes NASA, not aliens, try to think about what she would like,” I say.

“Lego friends with a cat,” says my girl.

“Okay, let us go with a dragon.  What about getting her a stuffed Spryo,” I ask?

“She likes Spryo,” my girl says.

“Okay, anything else,” I ask as we pulled into Meijers?

We head into the store where we are immediately bombarded by Valentines Day as if that day is the most important day of the year and your life.  In no time at all my girl finds not one, but close to what seems like a hundred pink heart boxes filled with choclick…chocolate.   Oddly enough just as I am about to passout from pink overload she picks out a box and her brother agrees.  He immediately starts heading for the Lego aisle.

“I just want to look,” he says.

“We are here for your mother.  Not you.”

“Oh.  Hey there is Spryo.”

He leads us over to the stuffed Skylanders.  We all are geeked to see a giant Spyro until we see the price tag.  Given that we just got a giant stuffed frog that is twice the size for one-third the size we decide that the smaller Spryo will do just fine.  With two things off our list we move about the toy section and as always end up in the Lego aisle where my girl stops and says,

“Lets get this. Mom likes horses.”

And there on the shelf is a small Lego kit that has a girl and a horse that is not obnoxious.  We leave with a gift from each of us.  My girl is talking about telling her mother about what she got.  This is what she did to my boy before his birthday, despite us telling her not too, and she really upset him by taking out the surprise.  Realizing that I was not going to be able to hide the stuff until Valentines Day I put out a little display with “card” from us that said to the effect “Your daughter cannot keep a secret thus you get your Valentines Day gift early.  We love you.”


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