Money, Money, Money, and Responsiblity

Here is what I learned about money before I was on my own, “Money comes, money goes.  There is always money somewhere.  Play for today. Don’t worry about tomorrow.”

As you may tell from that I was not, still am not, very good with money.  I am a lot better than I was when I was younger.  The only time our rent has been late was one time in the past fifteen years due to a math error on my part.  That being said, our financial path has been very up and down, up and down and then terminal and finally much better than it has ever been.  Over the years I have learned how to take care of money better.  What I don’t want is my children to go through what I went though.  To that end we have instituted various allowance programs that have always bombed.  Then recently we struck upon a more goal oriented path.

They told us something that they wanted that was expensive.  In the case of my boy expensive enough that I wondered why he didn’t ask for a car.  Then we set out tasks that they could earn money doing that were specific to them.  For example, my boy the uber-picky eater got an allowance for each time he completed a meal that was something new.  Given that everything other than a chicken nugget was new he was able to earn a lot of money that way and from our perspective his diet has really expanded.  My girl got tasks related to cutting out the attitude and picking up her room.  Then we saw my boy’s room and he got room cleaning added to his list.

Today was the big day for them.  Both of them reached their initial goal after TWO days of cleaning my boy’s room.  Why were both of them cleaning his room, because that is where both of them end up playing.  The mess was a mish-mash of his and her toys.  However, this took two days for them to accomplish.  My boy was more proactive than my girl, which was odd because she is usually the worker of the two.  Before we gave them their money and took them to get their reward they both had to answer two questions.

What is your next goal?  You cannot have the money if you do not have something else that you are working towards.

What did you learn from this two-days of cleaning?

Would you like to see what the kids earned?  Sure you do.

100_5021This is my boy and his Jabba’s Palace Lego kit.  Note that the box is close to being bigger than he is and was heavy enough that I had to carry it through the store.

100_5023This is my girl and her Spiderman’s Doc Ock Ambush.  This box is also close to her size.  This is also her second time getting this kit.  She loves Spiderman, but that is not why she is getting the kit a second time.  Turns out her brother “broke” her first kit, she never told us, only harbored a grudge in her heart until the day she broke his Sarlaac Pit kit and revealed why.  She has vowed that he will not break this kit or she will “Destroy his palace!”


4 thoughts on “Money, Money, Money, and Responsiblity

  1. Love the Lego sets! Definitely a good incentive to save money. My family are fans of Lego too. I hope I can also teach my children to remember their goals so they stay focused (and not spend a dollars here and there) and also if there is no money, you can’t get what you want. I think that delayed gratification is something that many people need to learn.

    1. ankoku1331

      I agree that delayed gratification is a skill that many people need to learn. Hopefully my kids are picking up on this, but I doubt it “LEGOS!!!” was the cry heard thru the store and home. 🙂

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