Many Plugs

“dad I have a goal,” my says to me early this morning.

“What is your goal?”  I ask getting ready to go out into the snow.

“I want a TV for my room.”

“You do?”

“And a thing for the TV to go on.”

“Anything else?”

“A thing to plug many things into.”

“What many things are you going plug into this thing?”

“The TV of course, a DVD player, a Wii U, and that game I demoed yesterday.”


“A Wii U, that Mario game I played yesterday, and a DVD player,” he says to me with the exasperated tone of someone who is tired of trying to get through to the person who is obviously less intelligent than he is.

“How big of a TV do you have in mind?” I ask, totally skipping over the more obvious question…my brain is not up to speed.

“Big enough that I can see Mario from my bed,” the “duh” is implied by his tone.  Maybe he is the smart one this morning.  I should be worried.

Now my brain kicks in, “How are you going to get these things?”

“I am going to earn the money like I did for Jabba’s Palace,” he says with no lack of confidence.

I have created a monster. Hoping that his dreams of a bachelor pad at the age of seven will fade after a day of school I wait.  While we wait for him to come home from school Barb and I talk about what we should do.  We agree to encourage him.  Thus if he earns the money he can have his bachelor pad, but the following rules.

  • No women after 8pm.
  • No booze on Sundays.
  • No TV until homework is done and no more than two hours a day on a school day.
  • Room must be kept clean.

And a whatever other rules that we can come up with before he earns the money.

Next we decided that taking him shopping to show him what his options were as far as a TV, TV stand, DVD player, and thing with many plugs would be a good way to teach him about being a good consumer and to give him an idea of the hill he has decided to climb.  Unfortunately due to the schedule of classes on our part we were not able to take him shopping yet.  And when he came home the first thing he wanted to know is what he could do to start earning money.

Don’t get me wrong I am very proud that the money, work, to get things is taking hold, but I was hoping the leap would be Lego Jabba’s Palace to Lego something equally expensive and so on NOT Lego Jabba’s Palace to bachelor pad for the seven year old.  Still drinking a beer, playing some Mario, and hanging out with his girlfriend does sound like a fun evening every now and then.  Plus, his TV will be newer than ours so the picture will be better.

Maybe there is something here after all…


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