Ninja’s Do That

“I’m a ninja,” my neon pink girl declares as she hops from one Spiderman boot to the other.

We are heading out of lunch, and a side trip to the bathroom outside for a walk to my annual meeting with my advisor.  My girl is bundled up in anything and everything that is pink, except for her Spiderman boots and one sparkly blue glove.  She has a sparkly pink glove on one hand and a sparkly blue glove on the other.  My ninja girl decides to go exploring.  I love that she is like me and will go where the mood takes her.  She, like me, has walked into classrooms to just look at something on the wall.  We walk in, look, and leave, the class continues on.

“Ninjas leap,” she says as she walks down the steps to the basement of the building.

Right turn, left turn, through a door, and into a lounge with some “college” students lounging about or “studying” as most of them think.  My girl sniffs the air.

“Ninjas like popcorn.  Can you get me some popcorn?” she asks.  Hearing a child’s voice the female students perk up and are looking at the two of us.

“Were you a good ninja today?”

She nods her head aware that several people including the lady behind the counter are watching her.  We head out with her holding a small bag of popcorn happily munching away.  She heads over to the elevator, much like always having to use every bathroom and preferably every toilet within a given bathroom she has to use every elevator.  She pushes the button.  Waits.  Gets inside, pushes the highest number, and then the door close button.  Up we go.

“Ninjas like going up.”

We exit next to a campus feeding pit that she knows.  She is disappointed that there is nothing new and down the stairs we head, back to the lounge, back into the elevator, to a “new” floor and then out the front door on our way to my meeting.  She leaps, she hops, she jumps, and even dances a bit the whole time.

“Ninjas leap. Ninjas hop.  Ninjas jump.  Ninjas dance.  I am a ninja dad.”

Over ice covered sidewalks, past parking lots we go to the big glass building as she calls the HVAC building where they have an elevator that she has not used before.  The elevator is designed in a way that allows you to see how the elevator works.  This is cool to her and me.  Of course my ninja girl makes a bee-line for the elevator.  Up we go, then back down.

“Ninjas jump over the yellow step.”

The flights of stairs in this building all end with a yellow step that true to her word she jumps over and out the door we go.  Ninjas are silent.  My girl was quiet during my meeting.  She stayed in the office the entire time.  She snuck candy out of the bowl.  She snuck around the office to throw away her trash.

I’m glad I have a ninja for a daughter.


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