For about an hour I thought I was being punked.  As part of getting approved for the summer research project I had to read some guidelines and then take a test.  I am all for doing what is necessary, but spending an hour reading what essentially amounted to the Golden Rule as written by scientists is not what I view as necessary.  Taking the quizzes only furthered my sense of “not necessary” and am I being punked.  Do unto others as you would do to others I thought was pretty universal and not in need of constant repetition.  Do not emulate the Nazis, was also one of those things that I thought was pretty obvious.  Yet, there they both were written in glorious sciencetise.  Which is you are unfamiliar with sciencetise, not even having it read to you by James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman will keep you from falling asleep.  Scientist can make anything confusing and anything boring.  Yes, anything I know from experience.  I still shudder at the following thought as “discovered” by scientists:  A clone of a clone is not as good as the original.  Anyone who has ever made copies of copies could have told them that and saved a lot of time and money.

Still I did it.  I only got one question wrong and I am fine with that.  I will do unto others as I want others to do to me roughly 90% of the time which is a much better percentage than you are likely to get from some random stranger.  Before feeling like I was being punked, I was reading about the intersection of history, culture, language, and communication.  Again, to me, another well duh thing to read.  I am from America where we have done horrible things to the people who lived here before us and the people we brought over here and to the people that are here, not here, want to be here and those horrible things will affect how well we communicate with each other.  I am from America, I am not from another country, as such I am not as familiar with your history and culture which have shaped your language thus we may have problems communicating.

There are times, today being one of them, where I wish I was not as knowledgeable as I am.  I don’t know if I would be better off learning the above now, but at least I would be surprised.  Before I read about communicating I was reading about gangs, specifically a major gang bust in the local area.  Unfortunately for my professor and classmates I have done extensive research into gangs, gang culture, gang organization, and related topics for several role-playing games that I was playing or creating.  The post LA Riots Crips-Bloods peace talks were a boon of information about gangs.  However, you had to be alive and aware back then to know about that, the kids I go to school with were neither.  Thus they expressed surprise that gangs could be organized, have their own Golden Rule, history, culture, and you guessed it communication problems with other gangs, and cultures.

See it all ties together, but you just have to be able to see the knots.

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