I Could Be in the Next Meeting

I bought a hat.  You can see the hat in this photo and while you are there read about my day.  I like my hat.  I wear my hat to college and that is where the fun begins.

Wearing my hat, with my coat zipped up to hide the neon yellow SpongeBob shirt, carrying a shoulder bag, but wearing my desert cammies I was greeted as colleague by professors as I walked around campus.  As we walked towards each other you could see the thought process going on:

Non-baseball cap headwear: adult, check

Black long coat, no visible sports logos: adult, check, potential fellow professor ,check

Black professional looking shoulder bag: adult, check, fellow professor, check.

Older face: adult, confirmed, fellow professor, confirmed.

Pants: Syntax error.

Intrigued that I was being accepted, I decided to follow a group of them around.  If I did not have an exam that morning I am positive that I could have followed them into the conference room and as long as I did not reveal my SpongeBob T-shirt would have been able to pass.  I am used to the fucktards not knowing who I am when I walk into a class, but that professors also couldn’t tell was fascinating to me.  I know that I can project that “I am supposed to be here” or “I’m doing something important” bearing when I want to, but I expected…well I guess I expected more.

Normally when I have time on campus between classes I wander around and have been known to wander into class rooms that are in session.  Usually something they are doing or that is on the wall catches my eye and I want to know so I walk in.  In all of the times I have done this I have never been asked, “Who are you?”  If I don’t have to open a door I just walk in and go look at what caught my eye and leave.  At most the professor stops talking for two to three seconds and maybe one or two students look at me.  Nothing more.

I even walked into one class and started asking the professor questions.  I was walking by and the professor was talking about the benefits of some computer course which sounded interesting to me.  Since the class was sitting there with their collective thumbs up their butts not responding to the professor why shouldn’t I ask questions.  I give the professor props, my questions were answered without missing a beat and I left with a thank you.  I know I got more out of that class that day than anyone else sitting there.

Offices are not off-limits either.  Usually I am walking by and see a cartoon, poster, or in one case a humongous collection of stuffed animals that I had to see.  Office workers do ask questions, but the questions are usually easily handled with “That is cute, interesting, funny, etc where did you get that?” Suddenly, they have to talk and I get to say my thank yous, goodbyes, and leave.  So the next time you are in class or a meeting look for my hat and wave. 🙂

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