Tie A Cat To Me

Cow“dad don’t do this to a cow,” my girl says while thrusting her fist forward.

I have just walked into the kitchen and have no idea what she is talking about.

“I shouldn’t punch a cow?”


She makes the fist thrusting motion again.

“I shouldn’t fist a cow?”

“No.  You know that thingy and a cow and you shouldn’t do that.”

“Oh.  I get it.  Don’t worry I won’t be wandering around stabbing cows with an oversized thermometer.”

“You shouldn’t do that,” she says as she heads upstairs.

Yesterday we were purchasing a new digital thermometer.  The store had two versions one with a regular probe and one with a probe so long that the only “practical” use would be to take the internal temperatures of whole cows.  I joked about it with Barb while our girl was in the cart.  She didn’t say anything at the time.

Fast forward to less than 10 minutes ago…

“I need to stop playing or I am going to vomit,” I say out loud.  There are some video games which cause me severe motion sickness and it is turning out that Fable III is one of them unless I can figure out where to sit.  Sometimes sitting a certain distance away eliminates or reduces the motion sickness.

“What is vomit?” she asks.

“Throw up,” Barb says.

“Oh, can you tie my kitten to me,” she says holding up her stuffed kitten and leash.


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