Tattling Elk is now Wolf Poop

ChompyThis is my wolf.

I call him Chompy.

SkeletonI befriend Chompy after the skeleton ambushed me.

I used the femur of the skeleton to give to Chompy.

Chompy was my best friend.

He followed me everywhere.

He defended me against bad guys.

When I got blew up by a Creeper, Chompy was the first friendly face to greet me.

When I was deep in the mineshaft I heard Chompy cry out.

I warned my boy, Tattling Elk, not to hit Chompy.

“I don’t pay attention to animals dad,” my boy said to me.

Chompy cried out in pain a second time.

On screen:

Tattling Elk has been killed by wolf.

Chompy don’t take no shit.

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