My Girl May Be Onto Something

Monsters on the WallI’m sitting here…

wait that is a photo of one of our walls.  Yes, those are monster stickers.  But wait, their eyes glow-n-the-dark so that makes them doubly cool.

HomeworkI’m sitting here…

wait that is a photo of my homework.  I need to study for an exam tomorrow.  Thank you for the reminder girl.

I’m sitting here…

MeOkay, yes that is me sitting in my bathrobe, and Angry Birds hat that Barb made for me.  I don’t normally wear a bathrobe and I rarely wear a hat inside the home.  I have to say as odd as my outfit is to me I am pretty comfortable.  Comfortable enough that I am giving serious consideration to wearing this around town today.  If nothing else people should give me a wide berth.

How did this come about?  My girl likes to go to bed wearing her favorite hat and scarf.  She gets all dressed up, pulls the blankets up to her chin and then puts her favorite stuffed animal-blanket combo over her face.  I wondered to myself, self how comfortable could that possibly be…and here were are.

“dad you should go to sleep in that,” my girl says.

I may take her advice.  I do like naps.


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