Enjoying Music With My Girl

“You spin me right round baby, right round,” the song starts up, but that is not who I remember singing this song.

Then a thumping dance beat.

Then the car starts rocking so much I am wondering if the engine has come lose from the mountings.

A stuffed pink unicorn comes flying past my ear striking the windshield.

“I love this song,” my girl shouts over the music, which is pretty impressive as I had already turned up the volume.

The car rocks more.  I hear a thud, which prompts me to look up from my reading to see that my girl has danced herself into the roof of the car again.

“You spin me right round, right round, like a record, right round,” apparently we have reached the chorus.

My girl dances her way into the passenger seat bouncing the car up and down and side to side.

“You pin me right round, light bound, ‘ight ‘ound,” my girl belts out.

I push the button and roll the windows up.  No need for passerby’s to have to suffer or fall over dead from laughing so hard.


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