Please Put That Away

“I’m just here to get my apple,” I hear my boy say as he comes downstairs.

I look up from the paper I am working on to see my boy wearing only his Star Wars underwear.

“Where are you clothes?”

“Oh I took them off.”

[shrug] I know where, genetically speaking, he gets his urge to shed the clothing.  Still seeing a living stick figure dancing, yes he is dancing in place, is humorous and disturbing at the same time.

“Check the bottom drawer of the ‘fridge.”

“Okay,” as Obi Wan and Darth Vader go shaking away.

I resume work on my paper.

A half-hour later I go upstairs to see how room cleaning is going.  Surprise, surprise my specific instructions have been followed for the most part and I am happy.

“Can you cut my apple into slices and save the seeds,” my boy, still in his underwear and resuming dancing in place asks.

“Yes, but can you ask your mother to do that while I talk to your sister?”

A few minutes later I come downstairs to find the boy dancing in the kitchen with his underwear no where to be seen.

“Uh…” I am at a loss for words and trying not to laugh so hard I fall over at the same time, “Can you put that away son?”

“Oh sure,” he says dancing downstairs where the laundry is.

Parenting is never boring.


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