Shikken or Duck?

Chicken or Duck“Can I check on my shikkens?” my girl asks as soon as we get in the door.


“Yes, my shikkens.  I have a shikken tower with lots of shikkens and baby shikkens,” she goes on, “I built them a water park, a cage, and…”

Five minutes pass.

“…can I check on my shikkens?”

“I have to see this.”

My girl fires up Minecraft and I am greeted with a giant pink and glass block tower that stretches up into the clouds.  Alternating layers of pink blocks topped with glass (clear) blocks with shikkens…I mean chickens or are they ducks* everywhere.  At least two chickens or are they ducks on every level.  Even the level filled with water has chicken or are they ducks wandering about.

She opens up a door and takes Barb, who wandered over, and I on a whirlwind tour.

“She the baby shikkens?”

“This is the bathroom,” showing us a room with more shikkens and a hole in the floor.

“This is their pool.  They love to play in the water.”

“This is where they go to school.”

“This is where…”

You get the point.  Her shikkens were fine, just don’t ask where the fryer is…

*There is a fun Minecraft “debate” on whether it is a chicken or a duck. 🙂


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