Sharing My Childhood With My Kids

There are a lot of things I enjoy about being a parent; playing with the kids, answering the better questions, and sharing my childhood with them.  From showing them games I played as a kid…well adult…yeah let me be honest games that I played as an adult before they came around.  Something even more fun to me is showing them the cartoons that I used to watch.  Hey, I am forced to watch endless marketing commercials…oops I meant cartoons of theirs so they can from time to time watch one of mine.

GI Joe was a bust and after watching a few episodes I was not surprised.  Transformers is a family favorite ending with a lengthy search by me to find a new copy of the Transformers Animated Movie which I did and for under $20.  My boy sat enraptured as the horrible 80’s rock music blared out (I actually cringed no lie at how bad the music is) and watched as Unicron ate a planet, the death of Optimus Prime and the switch to the next gen of transformers.  We still watch the entire run of animated Transformers.

RobotechAs much fun as that is I have been waiting to share with them Robotech.  I remember making sure I was home everyday to catch every episode of Robotech.  I have purchased every version of Robotech that has come out and then sold them off.  Recently I found the new releases of the original shows and bought them.  I did not start showing them to the kids because they just didn’t seem like they would be interested in a cartoon with such an in-depth storyline.

Until today that is.  I turned on Robotech as my boy walked into the room.  He stood there…stared…stared some more.  I asked if he had something to do.  He nodded his head in that way that says, “My ears heard you but my attention is elsewhere.”  Five minutes pass, which if you have watched Robotech before know that is basically the background of the show, no action, no characters, no nothing, but exposition and then bolted upstairs.  Oh well I thought and then he and his sister came down stairs with their stuff.

While I am writing this Miss Macross is on and they have only moved to use the bathroom.


2 thoughts on “Sharing My Childhood With My Kids

  1. I have the first two boxed sets of the original war. been to cheap to buy the final set. I would LOVE to own Macross Plus again, but it is expensive still after all these years

    1. Ankoku1331

      There is a single box set, found at Walmart of all places, that has all of the seasons and the movies that followed. Macross Plus is awesome, used to have the soundtrack for that too. 🙂

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