The skies are blue, the temperature is above freezing, most of the snow is gone, the college students are still here and that is the only problem.  We have been waiting all winter for the weather to chill out (ha) enough for us to start walking around again.  The town, village, no hamlet up here is small enough that over the summer we walked everywhere and I do mean everywhere.

At one point we walked from home, to the campus, to Burger King, to the bookstore, carrying a giant wooden paddle bought at the bookstore, we walked to Big Lots, where carrying a giant mirror and wooden paddle we walked home.  That right there was a large chunk of town.  All of us loved going on our walks and during the winter when we couldn’t walk we were not happy.

Today we went on our first walk from home to the on-campus party store and back.  Apparently my boy has forgotten how to cross the street which in a college town, no village, no hamlet where the college kids cause an accident a day knowing how to cross the street is a very important skill to know.  Thankfully for him I have quick hands and he was wearing a coat with a strong collar.

I am happy to report that despite a winter of not walking that nobody fell over, no labored breathing, no heart attacks, no sore legs, or other incidents.  We made it to the party store where we chased off the college kids bought our snacks and walked home.   Wheeee.


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