No We Got Them All Cut

When the lady about to cut your hair agrees that aside from not wearing a Hawaiian shirt and drunk face that you do indeed look a lot like Nick Nolte after a midnight mug shot then you know that you are on the right track sitting in the barber’s chair.  My boy had just gone from looking like a little girl hippie to looking like a little boy non-hippie.  Barb went from looking like Barb to looking like Barb with a stylish hair cut.  My girl who started off with “no I don’t want a haircut” kept changing her tune.  Me being the dutiful parent determined to put them both into therapy told her “You said no so no hair cut for you.”

Then after making her wait for everyone but me I told her to hop into the chair.  In a few moments my girl went from looking like a tiny blonde cave girl to looking like a little girl complete with bangs.  She hasn’t brushed the hair out of her face once today.  Me…well I no longer look like Nick Nolte on a bender.  I have officially given up the quest to grow my hair out back to it’s “Hey the toilet seat isn’t cold” length again.  Back when I shaved the sides of my head the hair only had one way to grow up, out, and then down.

Now my hair grows like a chia pet.  I can do crazy eccentric without having to completely look the part.


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