Batman’s Not Here!

batman-facepalm“Batman is not here!”

“I know Batman is not in our kitchen.  Not sure why he would be either,” I respond to my very frustrated daughter.

“NO!  Batman is not here,” waving her arms to indicate the wider world, “He not real!”

“Yes he is,” I respond I know I am egging her on, but I want to see if she can express herself better than shouting at me.

“NO! NO! He not real!”

“Have you met Batman?”

Eyebrows get closer together as her brow furls.  She is now mad or thinking.  She has yet to develop two different facial expressions.

“Can I play Xbox?”

Mad, at least I think mad it is.

She turns on the Xbox and immediately heads for Lego Batman.

“See he in THERE!” she shouts pointing at the screen which there is a Lego version of Batman looking cool (I do love Lego Batman).

Then she pulls out Lego Batman 2, puts it in, and…

“See Batman in here too.  This game, this not REAL!”

And she proved her point even as Lego Batman continues to look cool. (As much as I love Lego Batman, number 2 was more fun).


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