100th Post Extravaganza

Extravaganza FrogWelcome to the 100th Post Extravaganza.  For many of you this will be your first 100th Post Extravaganza. For me this is actually my 800th, I have 700 more over on Speaking Out on Nate, which despite the mature flag has a lot of non-mature content as well.  Just in case you were wondering.

What is a 100th Post Extravaganza?  Simply put I have posted 100 posts.  Usually I reflect upon what I have learned or done over the past 99 posts.  Since this is the first Extravaganza here I will do that as well.  Why buck tradition?

So what have I learned over the past 99 posts?  Nothing.  Unfortunately or fortunately, I have not had to learn any new blogging skills. I am sure that there are some out there, but I have had to learn them.  Let’s move onto reflection.

Since I started Speaking Out on Life this blog has gone from a knee-jerk reaction to comments from an person with a very narrow view to a blog that I have grown to love.  Here I can post a lot of the little funny stories that happen throughout the day or week.  I could do the same over on Speaking Out on Nate, but I like having a separate place where can present these things without having to deal with people’s reactions to the mature-themed content on the other blog.

I have also come to appreciate that here I can post cooking stuff which is very important to me. I did write a crockpot cookbook after all.  Food, especially recipes and the like tend to get overlooked on Speaking Out on Nate.  I hoping to put more cooking stuff up as time goes by like I am doing with Speaking Out on Wings.  For those of you waiting for the next issue it will posted later today.

The audience that is here is different than the audience on Speaking Out on Nate.  I enjoy both equally.  The different points of view on similar issues is interesting, fascinating, and useful to me especially with large projects like Building A Better Blogger.  To the people who follow, comment, like, and read Speaking Out on Life I say thank you.  I appreciate everyone of you.

As the next 100 posts unfold continue to expect the posts about the things my kids do.  I cannot resist posting these things.  If nothing else I have blackmail for when they get older. 🙂  Speaking Out on Wings will come to an end, but I will follow up with another food series.  I do love to cook.  Building a Better Blogger will be an ongoing series.  The class does not start until the Fall, which means all the way up to that moment I will be writing Building a Better Blogger where I am looking for any input that you have on the subject.  I firmly believe that a community working together creates a better product than one individual working alone.  Since I started the Building a Better Blogger series my notes have expanded 10-fold and many things that I had thought about or that could be defined or refined better.

I hope that all of you and more continue to follow along and if you have anything to add Speak Out. 🙂

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