Bone To Pick

“Welcome to KFC, we sell chicken nuggets.  What? We already did that?  Then what is the deal with the chicken without the bones?”


“Welcome to KFC, we sell big chicken nuggets.”

bonelessAnd with that We Ate the Bones the only legitimacy that KFC might have had went right out the window.  Bones were the only clue you had that you were most likely eating a chicken.  Now, with no bones in sight…well what you are stuffing into your maw could be chicken, it could be “processed” chicken, it could be soy and chicken…notice I am trying to maintain the potential that there is chicken in that bite of…well you don’t know.  Since everything tastes like chicken and with no bones for a junior anthropologist or anatomists view you have no clue.

“Would you like Ranch with that?”

Meanwhile if you are even remotely paying attention to ads you should start wondering if that man standing next to you has low-T…no not MR. T, but low-T.  Why should you care if he can’t…well you know what he potentially can’t do…because if he is using one of the “cures” advertised on the talking box you should not touch him.

All of the ads say DO NOT TOUCH or BE TOUCHED BY people with our cure slathered somewhere on them.  Makes you wonder if one of the reasons why you take the “cure” is to get touched and you can’t get touched makes you know how Rogue feels doesn’t it?  Tell me you know who Rogue is.rogue_xmenleg234

And yet there you are wondering if you are getting chicken and now you are wondering f that man next to you has low-T and potentially pass his cure onto you, which could be in the form of hair where you didn’t want it, or tender breasts, or well you get the idea.  Whatever happened to being okay with aging?

I guess the same thing that happened to the chicken.


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