Consequences of Actions

This is not the blog I had in mind last night. I have a list of blog ideas that I continually update, usually I know in advance what I am going to be writing about, then life gets in the way. Yesterday my boy got into a lot of trouble at school. Enough trouble that Barbara was called at home.

I’m pretty sure that my boy is normal in regards to his behavior. He gets in trouble like everyone else in his class and as far as we know he is not a troublemaker. I frequently speak to his teacher and the school principal, so when he gets into so much trouble that the school has call us that has me wondering. I am not going to go into detail about what he did, because what he did was an extension of who he is; he got frustrated and he ran his mouth without thinking about what he was saying. Everyone has done that at one time or another.

My boy knew he had done wrong, I don’t think he understood how wrong, but he started to make the appropriate social gestures. Normally that would be fine for me, but this time because his actions affected more than just him I wanted him to hopefully walk away understanding more. To that end, in addition to the punishment that the school handed out which is today he has to apologize to his class I made him write out letters of apology to the principle and teachers that were involved. My hope is that through the act of writing his actions and the repercussions sticking his head and that next time thanks instead of reacting.

My other hope is that my boy sees that his actions affect more than himself. I don’t know how to teach that beyond showing him, unfortunately I don’t think he will learn that lesson through any other way than trial and error. Hopefully when he gets home he will have learned another life lesson and school will return to normal.


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