The Whole Me

This should be the last construction update. I have worked very hard over the last four days to get both blogs up and running. Speaking Out on Nate has gone through the most work, I went through hundreds of posts I moved some, trash others, and set a few aside for other purposes later. Speaking Out on Life is the beneficiary of many of the moved posts, these are posts that are more appropriate on life and are things that I wanted to save.

Originally if you wanted to get a good feel for who I am you could have just read Speaking Out on Nate. It wasn’t a complete picture of me which is where Speaking Out on Life came in, I put a lot of the lighter side of me there. With the mature flag speaking out on Nate was suffering an identity crisis; I wanted a place where I could write about sex and sexuality in an open, honest, and frank manner where people could go for information. I also wanted a place where I could write some of the heavier thoughts, but they would still get read. The mature flag makes that more difficult.

What I decided to do was essentially split me in half, Speaking Out on Nate will primarily be a blog where people can go for information on human sexuality. There will be plenty of other material such as the monthly answering questions, erotica prompts, and the always enjoyable spam. That blog’s focus will be refined hopefully to reach my goal of bringing information about sex and sexuality to anyone that wishes to read it. Speaking Out on Life will be like the old Speaking Out on me an eclectic mix of content. The only content that will not appear on Life is the sex and sexuality content. Speaking Out on Life will get the gaming, the food, the funny bits of life, some fiction, some ranting, and some raving, essentially the other half of me.

I invite and encourage everyone who reads either of these blogs to at least take a look at the other blog. You may find something that you like.


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