Bloody Bear’s Reading Corner: Complication by Isaac Adamson

I am an uncomplicated bear.  I like to catch fish, wander about the woods, splash through streams and sleep a lot during the winter.  I like uncomplicated books, see my previous conversations about the Fifty-Shades Trilogies and the Hunger Games Trilogies, (those were fun trilogies for different reasons) so imagine my surprise when I like a book titled Complication.   I have always been a big fan of Isaac Adamson.  Tokyo Suckerpunch, Hokkaido Popsicle, Dreaming Pachinko and Kinki Lullaby are some of my all time favorite books.  If I could be one of you I would like to be Billy Chaka, that is if I could not be Tyler Durden first.

Imagine my bear sized disappointment when he announced on his website that he was no longer going to write any more Billy Chaka books and further, may not write for a while.  Try to imagine that.  Yes, I do have internet in my cave, I am a modern bear after all.  Thus, imagine my joy when I found out that he had written a new book.  I was dancing around the cave for a day.  No, not on a ball or unicycle, ass.   Alas, my joy turned to trepidation when I found out that his new book Complication was not a Billy Chaka book, or set in Japan, but there was  mystery and he is good at those.

I sat down in my Barcalounger, turned on my touch lamp and started to read about a man who goes to Prague to find out what happened to his murdered brother.  Along the way the man crosses paths with the Right Hand of God, a serial killer or myth with a fondness for right hands and a watch that keeps time both forwards and backwards at the same time.  Odds are that nobody has read any Isaac Adamson, so me saying that Complication, while new, has many familiar tones that will instantly put a fan of his to ease when reading the book.

I liked the main character, Lee Holloway, an ordinary man only seeking answers to his brother’s death.  The plot is fast paced, but intentionally slowed down when the book dips into glimpses of other periods of time through the lens of the Rudolph Complication, the watch that runs forwards and backwards at the same time.  The dips into the other time periods provide a glimpse of the watch, the people who have crossed the watch’s path and a deeper insight into the city of Prague.  Speaking of which, the city is a character, not a main character, but a background character that on occasion steals the scene.   A helpful guidebook that Lee gets, only makes the city and situation more alive and fun.  Complication moves along at a steady clip towards a climax that seems pretty obvious, but not in a bad way, but in an inevitable way.  However, the ending, now that caught me off guard and made me smile.   The end of the book should get you thinking and revisiting the book.  Complicated.

Fan of Isaac Adamson, then read this book.  Fan of mysteries that can get complicated, read this book.  Want a fun read, read this book.

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