Family Game Night: Magic the Gathering, My Favorite Card

We have been playing Magic the Gathering for three days now. My boy is getting better with remembering how a turn progresses, how to attack, and how to play non-creature cards. Since he seems so interested Barb and I broke out our cards and have started building new decks and talking about cards. Anyone who likes playing Magic the Gathering has spent time talking to their friends about cards that they like.

ImageThis is my favorite card. It is not a fancy card, nor is it a rare card. I like this card strictly for the chaos it causes. I learned how to play like most players, you draw your hand and you make your plans based on what is in your hands. Since your hand rarely changes most players make plans for several turns in a row. My favorite card prevents that which throws most players into confusion. You never know what you will draw the next time which prevents long-term planning and even prevents some short-term planning.

Because of my favorite card I have learned how to play with whatever I draw to think on my feet. The ability or skill to know your deck so well that you can play with any combination of cards is important. I can look at my hand formulate a plan based on what is in front of me and take care of it in one  turn because next turn I do not know what I will  have. My favorite card has also taught me the importance of keeping some cards in my hands even if I could play them. Without cards in your hand my favorite card does not work.

Pinhead Puzzle BoxYou can draw one card at a time if you like, but the best way to maximize the card is to have a hand up 3 to 4 cards. I enjoy watching players unfamiliar with my favorite card play as many cards as they can immediately and are left top decking each turn, while I get a new hand and new options every turn. I found this Pinhead version that someone had done and I think the image is very fitting.


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