A Day of Card Flopping

Taking a break from card flopping to…well tell you about our card flopping so far.

Our day started off with Marvel Legendary Deck Building Game.  The mastermind, Dr. Doom and his scheme a massive jail breakout.  The heroes assembled to stop his nefarious plans, Spiderman, Iron Man, Colossus, Rogue, and Storm.

Match One: The villains run really fast and the heroes are totally unprepared for how fast the villains run across the board.  Game Over in 6 turns.

Match Two: The villains run slower, until a really unfortunate series of draws and then the game is over at the 11 turn mark.

Match Three: Dr. Doom tired of kicking out butts changes schemes (didn’t hurt that the jails were empty) started a hero civil war.  The heroes actually beat Dr. Doom twice, turns out he is very helpful-gave all us extra cards one time and gave one player a second turn in a row-and then one of the heroes couldn’t count and drew the last card of the hero deck which gave the villains the win.

Deflated the players (us) decided to move onto DC Deck Building Game.

Where my boy got his first victory at all.  He has been using Green Lantern and this game went HUGE.  Out of the 9 Super-Villains he had 6 and when the day was over just in Super-Villains he had 36 points which was the sum total of my entire deck.

Elated he wants to take on the borg.  Which brings us up to now.  While they are making dinner I am setting up our third Star Trek Deck Building Game and is us versus the borg.  Wish us luck.

Later tonight after we un-borg ourselves (notice I am not hopeful of our chances) it will be the Sith versus the Rebel Alliance in our first game of Star Wars LCG.

I hope you are having as much fun as we are.


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