Labor Day Card Flop

While I work on turning Badger into someone for Ain’t We Big Damn Heroes and while we watch a weekend of football we will be having one last couple of days of family games before the school year for everyone in the house starts.  No this is not the end of family game day, but when school is in session for everyone there is a lot more to do which tends to see a reduced amount of gaming.  Instead of a day of playing games together we will play one or two games.

Either way we still play games together.

For this last big Family Game Day of the summer we plan on playing some DC Deck Building.  Our girl was very emphatic that she had to play “that game with Cat Woman” in it. Which is funny because she will do her best to get Cat Woman, but usually comes close to winning without her.

Our boy is excited to give Thunderstone another try or two especially now that we got the set that came with the board and better rules.  Okay I’m the one that is excited about the better rules, but the board does have him excited.  Now he can see the village and he can see the dungeon.  Combine that with a better understanding of the story behind Thunderstone and he is excited.

Barb wants to play Magic the Gathering and wants to see if our boy can start playing multi-player.  This has me interested.

Me, I want to give Star Wars LCG a go and other than that I am happy with the choices of the family so far.  A game of Marvel would be nice and possibly a good way to break up the action of the three who can read playing games, because even though our girl can’t read to well yet she has a grasp on playing Marvel.

Looking like a good end to the summer.


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