Class Demo Post (Edit I and II)

Edit I: Here is a funny story, this started out as a quick demonstration to a couple of people in class on how to make an internal and external link inside a post.  So I made the two links below, one internal to the post I made yesterday and one to another blog.

[sorry had to close up shop for a post class meeting]

Edit II: Then I showed them on my blog how the links show up in your Notifications (the word bubble).  If you approve your own link what happens is a trackback or pingback notices appears in the comments section of the post you linked to.  If the person you linked too approves the notification than the post your linked to on their blog will have a trackback or pingback notice in the comment section of that blog which will people to quickly find a link to your blog.

During this demonstration was an explanation on why you want to use links in your own blog and with other blogs.

For your own blog linking to posts can/will do the following:

  • Keep readers on your blog, which for the stat inclined will bump your stats, for everyone else increase reader loyalty and potentially get readers to bring people to your site.
  • For blogs with over 100 posts linking to older posts is a great way to get readers to visit your older material.

For external blogs, linking to other sites and posts on sites can/will do the following:

  • Demonstrate your expertise by showing your readers other angles to a topic.
  • Show that you are part of a community of other bloggers.
  • May get some of their readers to visit your blog.

So how do you make a link like those below:

  1. For an internal link, highlight a word or two that you want to use as the link.
  2. Click on the link button (the paperclip looking button)
  3. Click on the Open link in new window/tab
  4. Then click on “existing content” which will bring up suggested posts that you have made for the link.
  5. If the post in question is not there, use the search function to find the post.
  6. For an external link, highlight the word or two that you want to use as the link.
  7. Click on the link button
  8. Click on the Open link in new window/tab.
  9. In the http:// space put the URL of the blog or specific blog post that the link will take them to.
  10. In the title space below type in a title which will appear when a reader puts their cursor on the link.
  11. When finished with the internal or external link click add link.

our daughter

maybe laughing

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