I’m On TV!

Guess what folks I am going to be on TV…well local college TV and the six to twelve people who watch.

At the moment I am sitting in the green room, but the room is not green, it is rather white looking.  There is a large circular table in the middle of the room where the host, and two other guests are sitting.  The host is asking us some general questions to see if we can talk about them.  The carpeting is rather odd looking geometric pattern that is not designed to inspire confidence, but to cause nausea.

Act like you are having a normal conversation.  That is the advice we are being given.  That and don’t vomit.

The host is talking about having a laugh track and introducing ourselves.

In walks another man who introduced himself as…well I don’t know…but he is telling us what will happen in the next few minutes.  He seems happy and knows the host.  This seems to be a good thing.  Still no answers about why this is the green room.  Now he is telling us that we will be on TV and where and not so much when.  So far so good.

An interesting moment is watching how the students who will be filming us react.  I’m going to be in front of the camera shouldn’t I be the one nervous?  Guess not, but then again I’m not getting graded on this.

Sorry for dropping off there, I was live blogging that and the “Ready to go” came in.

It is now two and a half hours later.  The taping only lasted a half-hour, but I had two-hours worth of stuff to do post.  The tapping was a blast: three of us plus the host being asked questions about blogging, how to use blogging, and various other topics related to blogging.  I was able to chat with the host and with the person sitting next to me to create a much larger start of a conversation.  No nerves just me being me and being able to provide what I know.

If there was one disappointment, to me, it is that this is such an important topic for a college-how to use blogging and social media to advance your professional and personal life-that we scratched the surface.  I would tell you more, but I want you to see it.  As soon as I get the link I will let you know.


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