Bloody Bear’s Reading Corner: Orange is the New Black

bloodybearOrange is the New Black by Pier Kerman is a book about her year in prison.  I won’t give you a ton of details, but I will tell you why I am reading the book like the book owes me money when I won’t watch the Netflix show.  About a month ago Netflix informed me that I would enjoy watching Orange is the New Black, their new prison drama.  I had read a couple of articles online before that got me interested and here was Netflix saying I would like this.

I did not.

Damn you Netflix suggestions.  Rarely does Netflix get it right and get it right they did not do this time either.

The premise was that the main character was being tossed into Federal prison for a crime that she committed ten-years prior and the show would follow her year in jail.  Sounded good to me.

Except that for whatever reason, I did not like the actresses or the characters.  That was minor compared to the problems that I was having with the story.  She was tossed into jail with a minimum of explanation.  Flashbacks in other episodes provided more information, but I honestly think that telling why she was being tossed into jail after 10 years of being a model citizen for a minor crime should have been episode one and THEN start showing life in prison.

You may find this next complaint odd, but the lesbian sex was off-putting.  There just didn’t seem to be a reason for most of the in jail sex. The out of jail sex made sense within the confines of the character they were trying to establish, but in jail where they routinely demonstrated that the women had zero privacy or time to themselves “steamy” lesbian sex was off.

So how did I end up with the book?  Well I am desperate for some reading.  There is one bookstore, but they have books that are old, as in I remember when they came out, and I have read most of what is on the shelf.  What new stuff they get in seems to be aimed at their main clientele which is not me. This is not a criticism, I love going in there and finding an old gem, but I would like some new books.  Thus I found myself in the “book” aisle of one of the big box stores here.

I found Orange is the New Black, picked it up and put it down, but for some reason the book found itself at home with me.  Cracking the book open I found myself instantly hooked.  There was the full story of how and why she ended up in Federal Prison and that is more fascinating than anything found in the Netflix series.  There was no random lesbian sex.  Suddenly everything started making sense and I found myself devouring the book.

Admittedly I am not done with the book, she still has about 9 months to go on her sentence, but I recommend Orange is the New Black.  Especially you were thinking about or have watched the Netflix version.


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