Words I Dislike II

I like to cook that is moderately apparent if you read over this site.  I know I don’t talk or put as much about food here as I could,  I don’t know why, it’s not out of some secrecy.  You know, those people who can’t share their recipes.  I think it has more to do with reading about food can either be really interesting or really boring and I think that my food writing falls on the boring side of life.  Maybe if I included photos, but I have to be honest when I am cooking I am not thinking, “Hey I should get the camera for this.”

Well that being said here are a couple of cooking/food words that I dislike.


Ganache is chocolate.  Pure and simple.  Ganache is not some mysterious hard to make ingredient.  Ganache is not an orgasm as the commercial showing women blowing their minds chomping down on some chocolate treat with ganache in or on it.   Yes, chocolate chocolate treat is not the key to happiness.  That ganache is thrown about without abandon bugs the shit out of me.


You put this ingredient into this liquid ingredient and you have created an infusion.  An infusion, like ganache is NOT something that you need to go the CIA to learn or have to have studied at Hogwarts to master.  An infusion is a simple thing like adding salt and pepper and yet infusion is used to explain just about anything.  “Now I put the meat onto the tortilla and I have infused the tortilla with the meat to create an infused soft taco.”  AHHHHHHHH!  This is another thing that I dislike about the quasi-food culture that is erupting all over this country.  Too many people who are willing to buy into whatever thing that the food networks are shoveling out.  Witness….

Anything Guy Fieri Says

Yes, that is a lot of words.  No, I have no idea how he became an authority on anything other than dressing poorly and bleach.  I have watched his witless banter enough and read enough reviews of his “restaurants” to have that sensation that he like Sweetest Day is the creation of a soulless corporation out to sell me something and like Sweetest Day I choose not to buy the cards or anything that he says.


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