Next Phase

The next phase of my life is approaching and no not the next check box on any of those “How are you?” questions.  I am old enough to know that that question pisses me off.

Sorry what you don’t know is that it has been close to two hours since I typed the above couple of sentences and do I have some interesting news.

  • A friend of mine broke her ankle.  That is interesting.  Not good for her, but it was interesting talking through the event via text.
  • My blood pressure has returned to normal making the doc and me very happy.
  • After a few hours I have data that shows that the research I have been doing on voice-to-text and type written content has validly.  In particular the data showed that there is a measureable difference in quality and cognition between the two types of content.  That may or may not make any sense depending on how closely you have been following my research posts here and on Class.

Okay, so that was what happened since I typed the original sentences.  You may be wondering where the original post went or was about. Well as I work through this semester I just want over I am also thinking about where I could go to grad school to get that MD or MR or PHD or Master or Dom attached the beginning of my name.

There is a side of me that really wants to carry this education and research thing onto the end.  There is also a side of me that is tired of this school thing.  Not the research, just the school thing.  Now I am pretty sure that the tired of school thing is the tired of THIS school, but I wonder especially now when I am trying to decide not only a where, but a what, and a when.

The where is totally based on where Barb gets a job when she graduates.  So I should look, but not get too comfortable with any place yet.

The what is a toughie.  I really want to continue the research, but do I have the necessary skills to do that?  If not where do I get them first.  If I choose not to go research route, which would be stupid with a capital S then what?

The when is related to the where. In all honesty I should wait until Barb is done with her degree since once she graduates we have to move anyways.

As you can see I have some good news and some things to think about.


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