Om Nom Nom

The super villains were trying to unleash the power of the Cosmic Cube. Galactus was on his way here and he was, as usual, hungry.  Facing off against these two threats were Spiderman, Ironman, The Thing, The Human Torch, and the Silver Surfer.  Welcome to another family game of Marvel Legendary.

galactusThe Fantastic Four expansion arrived at our doors and our boy really wanted to play against Galactus.  I tried to warn him.  Galactus was the biggest threat in the game yet and his ability as to destroy spaces.  Nah, my boy says we got this.

Turns out that Spiderman works with Ironman.  The Thing works with The Human Torch.  Silver Surfer is great by himself.  Yet, none of them work together beyond the pairings I listed.  Spiderman and Ironman lead me to a ton of card drawing, but I couldn’t put together enough force to challenge Galactus or any of his Heralds.  I could take down minor villains and henchmen, but that was not the goal of the game.  Our girl paired The Human Torch with Spiderman and got nothing. except for one really good hand where Spiderman allowed her to draw a ton of cards.  That allowed her to power up The Human Torch enough to take out Galactus one time.  Our boy went all The Thing, but that got him nothing for so long that we thought he had given up trying.  However, at the end of the game he was able to take out Galactus a second time.  Barb used a little bit of everyone and her deck was a mess, but again at the end of the game, take out Galactus a third time.

In the end the game came down to:

We had four turns (four cards remaining in the villain draw deck) before we lost.

Reveal one more scheme and the villains won.

Galactus ate the last space on the board.


We defeat Galactus a fourth and final time.


Yep, Galactus ate the final space on the board and we lost.

This was not as close as it sounded.  Due to our selection of heroes, something we will be working on from now on, we were unable to get anything going.  I imagine that had he all used Fantastic Four members or from one group we would have had an easier time.  Alas for Manhattan and us we did not do that.

Maybe next time.  Then again maybe next time we will take on someone more our speed like Plankton.


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