Solo Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

A druid, a barbarian, and a fighter certainly make short work of any combat encounters and many magic encounters, but traps, social interactions, and the occasional bits of acrobatics makes us work for our coin.  With that in mind and feeling that the barbarian who rolls a d12 + 2d6 + 3 (for the math inclined a range of 6 to 27) on every combat check, i.e. defeating monsters a the fighter seemed unnecessarily redundant.  What we need is a thief.

Reading the rules there are rules for solo play with a suggested use to level up a character.  Since we needed a thief that seemed like a good plan.  Other than suggestions for character choice, some are much better for solo play than others, and a suggestion that if a character encounters something they can’t beat to replace that with a challenge of similar level that they have a chance to beat nothing else changed.

Keeping that in mind I started the first adventure path, the Perils of the Lost Coast.  The first scenario was over in three turns.  No lie, seriously odd shuffling, put all of the necessary cards on the top of each deck.  Wham Bam, thank you Mam.  Collect my reward and onto scenario two.

Scenario two was already an easy adventure compared to the first one when we played through as a group.  Solo play was no different.  This took most of the 30 card timer deck (Blessing Deck), but I took out the guy trying to poison the village and picked up a nice piece of loot for my trouble.

The third scenario was tough for us as a group and I expected something similar this time.  I cleared one area quickly without any problems, mainly because it was a loot area.  Hooray loot.  The next area almost killed me.  I drew all of the cards that cause damage that cannot be reduced within my first few moves.  After that though smoothish sailing. Smoothish in that I didn’t have any problems with any challenges, but I was down to 9 cards for the rest of the adventure. When I went to the final area I had plenty of time and used the rogue’s ability to evade combat encounters to keep from getting bogged down.  I did that so I could hold onto the hand of cards I had for the boss fight.  When I drew the boss, I was holding onto the best hand I had left and took him down without a problem.

First adventure path done and onto the second adventure path where the rest of the group is adventuring.

All in all, solo play was an easier experience than when playing as a group.  You only have three locations to explore, this means less chasing and more time to explore.  I can see how certain characters, especially those with a singular focus, would have problems with solo adventures, but the rogue is perfect for solo play.  All in all for today’s game we now have a rouge leveled up and ready to go.


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