Beginner Box Found and Excitement Abound

pathfinder-beginner-boxLast night…no let me back up a step…a while back I bought the Pathfinder Beginner Box Set by Paizo Games.  I made the purchase because, at the time, I wanted something to read.  I was pretty impressed with the box set, so impressed that I bought my friend’s core rules and other accessories (thank you Big Man).  Then I set everything aside because the kids weren’t ready.  Now here we are gearing up for our first role-playing session and the discussion, see last post here and here, was about teaching the kids how to play.

So last night I found the box set again and there was the answer to a lot of our issues and concerns.  A set designed to introduce new and young players to role-playing.  The core of the Pathfinder RPG is there, but a lot of the bells and whistles have been removed to streamline the experience down to what is needed to play: a character and a gamemaster.  What is even better is that everything in the box set is also the first adventure in the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game.

The town of Sandpoint, the mysterious first adventure, and names that all of us recognize.  This will make introductions a lot easier.  Instead of them having to imagine a village I created, instead they can easily picture Sandpoint and when they meet someone I can pull out a card from the Adventure Card Game to show them, after I describe them.

CharacterSheet-GenericThe character sheet, which I found a photo of online, is still two-pages, but one quarter is for fun things like most damage done and a picture of your character.  The rest, as you can see, is divided into large areas of like information with a large letter.  This will make getting the kids used to the character sheets a lot easier.  Instead of saying find X I can say find box A or B.  Barb, who will be playing a character can help them out.  When the time comes, say around level 3 to 5, to move to the core set the character’s transfer and the kids will not be so overwhelmed as they were when they saw the core set character sheet.

Now all of us are looking forward to playing.  The kids because they are on familiar ground and the parents because this is looking like a less and less daunting challenge.  And I am doing something I have not done in over 20 years I will be using published adventures.  Yes, I will.  If nothing else the amount of pre-game work is going to go down and that appeals to me while school is in session.

Lastly, the latest Adventure Pack for Pathfinder Adventure Card Game arrived which means we will be getting something going Adventure Card Game soon.  Most likely our new characters.  Play them up to our old characters and then take on the new pack with dragons and giants.


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