Jubal Early, Rival, Better Bounty Hunter

“Well…here I am.”

He was only seen on the final episode of Firefly, but he was impressive.  I rank him higher than Boba Fett on my list of bounty hunters, if I had such a list and I do, because people are always asking me who is my favorite Star Wars character is and are surprised when I don’t say Boba Fett. Why would he be my favorite, he got ate by a giant stomach in the middle of the desert. Early, while he may have been last seen floating away in space got defeated by River; she is better than a jedi.  This happens after subduing the rest of the crew. If I remember correctly Boba Fett did not even take out Han Solo, he was given Han Solo as a gift, by Darth Vader, who did take out Han Solo.  Yes, I said that and I meant that, which means that Early who was taken out by better than a jedi ranks higher on any list of bounty hunters than Fett who was taken out by a stomach, a non-mobile stomach at that.  Plus E comes before F.

In terms of Star Wars Edge of the Empire, Jubal is presented as a rival, not a nemesis, only because when we see him in the show he is obviously capable, but he is still defeated on his first encounter.  This doesn’t mean that Jubal could not become a nemesis, but that initially the players should think of him as yet another bounty hunter.  When he comes back…well then they will change their tune.  Below are his stats as a formidable rival.  In another post Jubal as a nemesis.

Jubal EarlyJubal Early


Brawn  2  Agility  3  Intellect  3  Cunning  2  Willpower  2  Presence 2

Soak  4  Wounds  12  Strain  12  Defense 0


Brawl 3  Melee 1  Ranged (Light)  3  Astrogation  2  Coercion 2  Computers 1  Piloting (Space) 2  Stealth 3  Knowledge (Outer Rim) 1  Knowledge (Underworld) 1


Waxing Philosophical (Early talks a lot to disorient his opponents, he makes a Coercion check adding a setback die to each opponent that can hear him)


Firespray Patrol Craft; Blaster Pistol (Damage 6; Critical 3; Range Medium); Padded Armor (Defense 0; Soak +2); Comlink; Electronic Lock Breaker; Binders


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