Beautiful Vistas, Barfing,Star Wars, and a Comic Con

LighthouseRoad Trip Rule #1: Any successful road trip involves a destination, but not necessarily a goal.

Road Trip Rule #2: Exploration is the hallmark of any good road trip.

Road Trip Rule #3: Ask the locales where they eat.

Road Trip Rule #4: Always have a bucket in case of barfing.

You may have noticed that I did not post yesterday, and I would apologize, but I was out having a lot of fun.  So much that the only time when I could have posted was when we got home to clean up before having people over, but I was helping clean up, then we got up this morning and headed off to our first comic-com ever as individuals and as a family.  Let me start at the beginning.

We went to the beech.  The kids, well mostly our boy, weren’t feeling well, but sitting around here seemed like a colossal waste of time.  Nothing worse for a cold than doing nothing other than sitting around being miserable.  Since we had not been to Luddington why not go there?  On the map Luddington looks like a long trip, but surprise surprise even with camper traffic just over an hour to arrive in a large coastal town designed for the summer tourists, at least main street was and the street leading to main street.  The drive there was beautiful.

Hippy BusSeeing Lake Michigan was beautiful.  Walking on a sandy beech was a blast. Walking on a breakwater to a miniature light house was a blast.  All of the people on the breakwater was not so much fun, but nothing to derail our day out.  Once we had enough walking, sand, and sun; don’t forget throwing stuff into the water, we headed into downtown Luddington where everything was made for the tourist.  Being smarter explorers we headed off the main street, where we found a hippy bus, a “used” bookstore, and a game shop.  The bookstore was “used” because they advertised that they sold used books, but I found way too many new books with new book prices for this to be a used bookstore.  The game store was interesting; the kids found an expansion to Talisman they wanted, I found a sample of Ascension to try, our boy impressed the shop handler with his knowledge of Magic the Gathering, all of us got to see gamers in the wild again, and we left just before things got melancholy; something about one gamer not wanting to be lonely anymore…ugh no drama! 🙂

Returning home we cleaned up before having some people over for Brinner.  Brinner is breakfast for dinner, in this case waffles, bacon, sausage, and biscuits and gravy.  After brinner was a long night of Cards Against Humanity. I don’t like Apples to Apples.  Why do I mention Apples to Apples, because Cards Against Humanity is Apples to Apples for people with dirty, creative, distorted, or in other words fun minds; someone reads a card, everyone else submits a card with their answer, the card reader choose their favorite and then onto next round.  Our game went a bit longer than I would have liked, but for the most part fun. Next time shorter rounds.  After the party there was more fun and the bed was broken, yes that was part of the fun…for another blog.

This morning we woke up and headed off to Traverse City for C4 Cherry Capital Comic Con.  We had only learned about this convention three days ago and here we were along with Erin and Riley on the road.  Here is a thing for you to note: NEVER allow your daughter to eat watermelon + milk + cake icing this = barfing in the middle of nowhere forcing you to take a detour to the nearest Kmart for a change of clothing and cleaning supplies.  I want this also noted, I did not know about this meal until the whole thing came gushing out of her where I could clearly see and smell the watermelon and milk.  The cake icing was told to me as follows:

“Do you know what the green stuff is,” my girl in tears and looking miserable asks?


“Cake icing.  Do you see any pink?”

Before I can answer.

“Oh there is some of the pink icing.”

StormBobaFettAt the Comic Con, which despite our family love for superheroes, comic books, and games, none of us have ever been to the first thing we bump into is R2D2.  This was not a standing, do nothing prop, R2 moved, whistled, and was a lot of fun to see. Then standing outside the convention hall was a stormtrooper and Boba Fett.  We thought our boy was going to faint. Instead he looked awkward for photos.  Smiles came afterward.

Jon AlderinkThe convention was small, Erin who has been to many called it a good starter convention, this was smaller than most gaming conventions I have been too, but that was welcome as we were able to move around the hall without any hassles.  One of our first stops was at the booth of Jon Alderink.  His art of Marvel heroes seemed really familiar and caught all of our attentions.  He was really nice, talking to all of us equally, and telling us that he did/does a lot of art for Marvel children’s books and that was when we knew why we recognized his artwork.  We bought some prints, to which he added one for free because it went with a print we had purchased and then he gave me a business card with a inking of Storm that he had drawn while at the convention.  Very cool.

Starship TroopersBarb got the kids to take photos with Darth Vader and a few other Star Wars people.  All of us found one thing or another that had us giddy like school kids.  I found a table selling old games including Battletech CCG, which was a favorite of our old gaming group.  In the gaming room I got to see and photograph an awesome table setup of Starship Troopers.  As someone who has painted a shit ton of miniatures these were very cool to see.  We didn’t buy any comic books, well…there was a table selling lenticular covers and we bought one with Lex Luthor on the cover because Lex looked so cool in 3D.

Star Wars EscalatorOur girl had one goal the entire time we were there, to ride the escalator. What a ride she had.  Darth Vader got onto the escalator, then us, then Princess Leia, then Boba Fett, and then an X-Wing pilot.  She was geeked to be on the escalator.  Our boy was geeked to be surrounded by Star Wars. Barb was having fun photographing this whole thing.  And me?  Well, this was one of those moments that you had to see to believe.

Shortly after lunch all of us headed home.  I have not had this good of a time in my 43 years.  A big thank you to everyone who took part over the last two days; Erin, Riley, T-Train, Amanda, and of course my family.



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