A Photo of a Thousand Words (Give or Take a Few)

BooksI’m not feeling very wordy today so I thought I would share with you a photo of the books that I am reading right now.  You may notice lots of sticky flags, those are things that I find interesting or important,  such as recipes I want to try, information I need, and so on.

The books are:

Understanding Media by Marshall McLuhan

  • Side note here, this should be a major text for all communication majors to read.  My mind is routinely blown by this book. Not for everyone.

Everyday Noodles by Corinne Trang

Ivan Ramen by Ivan Orkin

  • Side note here, Everyday Noodles plus Ivan Ramen is pretty much anything and everything I have wanted to know (at this moment) about noodles.

The Chinese Takeout Cookbook by Diana Kuan

Side note here, The Chinese Takeout Cookbook is the best cookbook for Chinese food that is easy to make, fun, and tastes like most people expects, highly recommend this book.

Thai Cooking by Judy Bastyra

  • Side note here, this is a good cookbook with a lot of culture information.  A bit of a slog to read at times, but I am finding plenty to use once I find the ingredients around here.

The Elements of Cooking by Michael Ruhlman

  • Side note here, this is not a cookbook.  The Elements of Cooking has seven essays written by Ruhlman covering cooking topics that he feels are important or overlooked, such as stock, salting, and eggs.  The rest of the book is an A to Z reference guide of cooking terminology. The essays are good and the reference is very useful.

There you go, a few words about the words I am currently reading.



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