Robotech RPG Tactics, Tiny Part Madness

I am trying to not lose my cool and start typing all of the expletives that are currently running through my head.  I have just finished three of the most frustrating hours that I can remember spending on a game.  Not even playing the game, but assembling the pieces.  I have no idea who designed these models, nor why they made the decisions that they did regarding the sheer number of parts per model, many of which could have and maybe should have been cast as a single piece.  Perhaps there are real reasons why these decisions were made.  However, as a consumer, as a gamer, and as a model builder I am extremely frustrated.

Tiny Part with ArrowsThe photo shows just one aspect of my frustration.  Remember, the “assembly instructions” do not give any indication of order of assembly.  With this particular model an order of assembly should have been included.  Further, because this model has multiple arm variations those also should have been included with the “assembly instructions.” You will notice there is only one arm and leg assembly shown.  Not happy about that, as much of my ONE HOUR per miniature time was spent trying to figure out not only which of the three to four pieces per arm went together, but how those fit and looked on the main body of the miniature.

Speaking of the main body, notice the two arrows: one points at what looks to be a casting mistake and the other points to the part (casting mistake) on the “assembly instruction.” Trust me when I tell you that this one part is not worth what ever reason anyone gives you for making it separate from the main body.  See this part fits onto the front of the main body, meaning that this piece could have easily been included with the main body.  I lost this piece twice.  The second time, Barb commented that there were pieces of flash bigger than the missing part; no wonder the part got lost.

My frustration level peaked, when I went to assemble a jet fighter, only to discovered that there is an order of assembly, not that the “assembly instructions” indicated that. That order is:  the head MUST be put in place before any other assembling is done, other than gluing the top half of the main body to the bottom half.  Again, why couldn’t the main body be one piece?

I don’t know what more to say.  I can only imagine what other assembly issue lay ahead.

While I highly doubt that anyone who designed these miniatures will ever read this post, I really would like to learn the process of design from the people who made the decisions.  Those reasons will mostly likely not change my opinion that these miniatures are too complicated for their purpose-playing a game-or my opinion that Robotech RPG Tactics has a huge knock against it  for the sole reason that anyone will have to spend hours building miniatures before you can play the game.


11 thoughts on “Robotech RPG Tactics, Tiny Part Madness

  1. earlswynn

    I was looking around, trying to see if anyone else was assembling their units yet when I found your post. I totally agree about the bizarre tiny parts and the complexity of the pieces. The things I’ve had the most trouble with are the arms– trying to find a combo that works and allows for the gerwalk to carry the rifle in both hands has been almost impossible.


    1. Ankoku1331

      I believe I have an arm assembly in my parts bag. If I do I will put up a picture. What I was doing was cutting out all of the arms and making up assemblies and seeing if they would fit. Really poor job on their part with the “instructions.”


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  6. unclebob

    It would appear that the cockpit sheild is going to have a custom option for the limited release Roy Folker version that releases with the Rick Hunter one in wave 2. I have speculated that these two units will come together and have a standard VF battiloid sprue with a second smaller sprue with the custom parts on it. This is the onle reason I can find for making the stock battloid sprue this way. There are several other units that have similar design incongruities.


    1. Ankoku1331

      Really, a variant cockpit? Now that would be cool, if larger and easier to handle (have to admit that it is a tiny piece :)), but still interesting that someone was thinking along those lines.


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