Robotech RPG Tactics, A Book That Needs Some Love (edited)

I have finished reading Robotech RPG Tactics cover to cover. If I thought there was a chance of the following occurring:

  • Getting paid an appropriate amount
  • Control over the project

I would submit a proposal to Palladium Games to rewrite and design the entirety of Robotech RPG Tactics.  Yes, the entire game.  I would continue to use the system that they want to use (not sure why and would love hear reasons behind decision to go with RPG-ish rules for a miniature based game), but I would rewrite and reorganize each and every page of the rulebook and accessories.

My rulebook has editing marks all throughout.  Not because I am a grammarian, regular readers can verify this, but to make rules clear the clutter had to be removed.  If there were a way for me to remove all of the bolding and underlining I would have done that as well.  From what I can tell, the system is not unplayable.  Clunky, especially for a miniature based game, with some odd rules here and there, but you should be able to play a game.  Are there better, more fluid, intuitive systems for miniatures games out there, yes.

What really got under my skin, was the quality of the writing and the lack of reference to other materials that came with the game.  A good example: Laminated cards (see below) come with the game, there are NO illustrations of any of them in the rulebook.  Thus, you have to figure out their function.  A good rulebook would have each type of card illustrated and explained for the reader.

There are three different laminated cards, each a different size, and each with different information on them, even when referring to the same unit.

  • The largest card is a unit or a group of miniatures with point cost, some abilities, and damage charts.
  • The next size card is for the game stats for each individual type of figure. I am going to guess (since this is not in any part of the book), that when playing, I have a large card for each unit to keep track of damage and a small card for each type of figure I have to keep track of their stats and abilities.
  • This is a lot of card material to have on a gaming table.
  • Why not combine the two cards into one card? Especially since the back of the large cards is blank (some logo in the middle) and most units are composed of two types of figures.  My solution: one card, all of the information in one place and saves on costs.
  • The third sized card, is tiny.  The purpose of the third card is to show upgrades and additional figures added to a unit.  These cards are so tiny and their function so unnecessary, that they could be removed altogether, with the information included on previous cards.

I laid out a few cards for a game and was not happy having most of my play space taken up with “player area;” consisting of all of these cards laid out so that I could use them and not have them get in the way of moving the miniatures around.

Like I said above, if I thought there was a chance of that happening I would send in a proposal and put forth the effort, because if there is one book (and accessories) in my house of books that needs some love and attention that book is Robotech RPG Tactics.


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