Pop Like Balloons, Balance Issues With Robotech RPG Tactics

Robo 1We, as a family, just finished our third game of Robotech Tactics RPG and the same thing (s) keep happening.

Here is what is good about Robotech Tactics RPG:

  • Looks cool, but cool is subjective. I happen to be a huge fan of Robotech and Battletech before FASA got sued by Harmony Gold, thus these miniatures are not new to me, I played with them when they were made out of lead and in a game that was a lot more balanced.

Here is our last game (could apply to any of the three played).

  • I had 140 points for a team.  The kids had 150 points.  Barb was helping (see below).
  • I lost 2 figures. The kids lost ALL 18 of theirs.  This has happened twice in a row.  This is not happening because they are kids and I am an adult.  Being a good parent I have taught them the rules, remind them of the rules, and point out every way that they can use their miniatures and rules to defeat me.  I like helping my kids win.
  • There were no tactics used on my part. I did not have to, only move forward or to the left or right.  I did not have to outflank, or get behind them, or anything clever at all.  Move forward, shoot and watch their figures get destroyed.
  • For their part, they tried to outflank me, but when each of my hits instantly kills one of their figures and it takes two or three shots from theirs to kill mine, there is a problem.
  • This was not a die rolling issue, although luck plays a large part in this game, when averaged out both sides had their successes and failures on par.

Robo 2Some recurring issues:

  • Unless you have a really good memory or play this game a lot you will need the rulebook nearby to look up all of the terms, this was one area where Barb was helping.
  • Having to flip over the unit cards is a pain in the ass.  All of the information should be on one side.  I don’t care which side.
  • The point values for squads seems, after three games, to be really in favor of the UEDF (Earth) player.  Over three games I have lost a total of 8 figures.
  • Turns take to long. This may be a personal thing, but I don’t like moving, shooting, dodging or shooting down missiles, and then applying results.  To me, dodging should have been written into the shooting rules as part of the die rolling to hit.  Sure dodging is “cool,” but watching someone roll one die to defeat the die I just rolled is not that fun.
  • Balance!  Straight up, the game does not feel balanced if you are the Zentraedi player.  Here is a more detailed breakdown:

Robo 3For my 140 points, I got 4 Veritechs, 2 Tomahawks, and 2 Defenders, which averages out to 17.5 points a figure.

For the kids 150 points, they got 2 Glaugs, 15 Regults, and 1 Quel-Regult (scout pod), which averages out to 8.33 points a figure.

My figures had a total health of 120, which averages out to 15 health per figure.

The kid’s figures had a total health of 98, which averages out to 5.4 health per figure.

The average damage done by my figures was:

  • Veritech 1a average damage 5.3
  • Veritech 1j average damage 5.6
  • Tomahawk average damage 5.6
  • Defender average damage 8

The average damage done by their figures was:

  • Glaug average damage 5.2
  • Regult average damage 3 (rear firing weapon not calculated)

The three games and numbers bare out the balance issue.  I don’t have a recommendation right now as we are still looking at our information, but when I have one I will pass it on.



9 thoughts on “Pop Like Balloons, Balance Issues With Robotech RPG Tactics

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  2. Mike

    Have you been using the Anti-Missile rules properly? Pods get a 5+ to shoot down missiles with their Anti-Missile Laser on the top. This fires in a 360 degree arc. That is a 1/3 chance of shooting down missiles at not cost. That might be the difference.

    1. Ankoku1331

      Yes, those rules have been used. 5 or 6 on a six-sided die is not the best of odds, but yes they have been used with a fair amount of success.

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