Fixing the Lowly Battlepod

BattlepodsMeet two battlepods, they are tired of popping like balloons. Since our last game of Robotech RPG Tactics, I and others have been giving the balance issue that I spoke of here and recapped below, some thought. The suggestions I make will be tested out this weekend.  Why am I writing about something that I have not tested out, because I like to give people background information.  That way someone else can look at what I have done and say, “but wait a minute, what about this?” Or something to that effect.


  • For my 140 points, I got 4 Veritechs, 2 Tomahawks, and 2 Defenders, which averages out to 17.5 points a figure.
  • For the kids 150 points, they got 2 Glaugs, 15 Regults, and 1 Quel-Regult (scout pod), which averages out to 8.33 points a figure.
  • My figures had a total health of 120, which averages out to 15 health per figure.
  • The kid’s figures had a total health of 98, which averages out to 5.4 health per figure.
  • The average damage done by my figures was:
    • Veritech 1a average damage 5.3
    • Veritech 1j average damage 5.6
    • Tomahawk average damage 5.6
    • Defender average damage 8
  • The average damage done by their figures was:
    • Glaug average damage 5.2
    • Regult average damage 3 (rear firing weapon not calculated)

But, What About the Reinforcement Rule

There is a rule, which is found on a card, that most people will likely overlook several times looking for this rule in the rulebook. I have yet to find this rule in the rulebook nor an index reference to the rule, but I did find the rule on the Zentraedi Faction Card.  Just odd placement if you ask me.

The rule states that each time a battlepod is destroyed within 8″ of the squad commander and the squad commander has line of sight (can see the destruction of the battlepod), that the battlepod is set aside and can for the cost of 1 command point or “each command point spent” (which is not defined) all of the destroyed battlepods from one squad can be brought back onto the board up to 2″ on their starting side.

That sounds great, the Zentraedi player can get their stuff back.  Except the reinforcements requires a functional commander, and those go up in flames just as easy. A good player blows them up first because this one unit is the source of all of the command points (necessary to activate the reinforcements) and is the source of the reinforcements happening at all.  And that doesn’t address the simple fact that the battlepods pop like balloons.  Meaning even if the reinforcements show up, the Earth player, can blow them up just as quick as they did the first time.

A Fix?

This will be the first fix we try out.

For Regults or Battlepods by any other name:

  • Up the Health to 6.
  • Up the damage on the Heavy Particle Cannons to 6 and the Auto-Cannons to 4.

For the Gluag or Commander:

  • Up the Health to 10.
  • Up the damage on the Heavy Particle Cannons to 6 and Auto-Cannons to 4.

Very minor changes, here is a comparison:

  • Previously: 98 Health (Average per fig. 5.4)
  • Previously:
    • Glaug average damage 5.2
    • Regult average damage 3 (rear firing weapon not calculated)
  • With changes: 115 Health (Average per fig 6.3)
  • With changes:
    • Glaug average damage 6
    • Regult average damage 5 (rear firing weapon not calculated)

I will let you know how it goes after our game (s) this weekend.


8 thoughts on “Fixing the Lowly Battlepod

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  3. I have to disagree with the idea that battlepods need to be fixed. An Attrition Squadron, with two squads of Regults attached, the Veteran Warriors upgrade, and a Glaug with Grell in it is a force to be reckoned with. Keep the Glaug hidden, fire simultaneously (or spread out to avoid getting wasted by blasts), and make them waste those Command Points dodging a potential 96 damage a turn.

    And once those CPs are gone, swing in with artillery pods and mop the floor with them. There’s no reason why a smart, good Zentraedi player doesn’t have the same chance of winning as the UEDF player.

    1. Ankoku1331

      Perhaps a named character is where the difference lay with the Zentraedi and spending points on upgrades as well. However, from a straight comparison the battlepod, from our experience, is nothing to be feared. Which is where I am approaching this from, the UEDF player does not have to worry about losing any units for the first few shots from battlepods, because the battlepod cannot one shot a veritech or a destroid, where as veritech can one-shot battlepods.

      I am sure that strategies and force builds that allow a Zentraedi player to have the same chance at winning will be found and I look forward to reading them, but we never found any using units as presented.

      1. Even without the extras and character, I’ve found that massed fire alone is enough to bring down enemy units quite easily. However, I think that part of the problem might be in trying to look at it from a perspective of them going one-on-one with enemy units without support.

        Zentraedi are designed to be played with support and cover in mind; recon pods to provide buffs and debuffs, officer’s pods to bring dead pods back, etc. The Zent player has to be thinking ahead, trying to force enemy units apart and mobing them, and has to be using that reinforcement special rule to full effect- being able to endlessly return dead pods to the field will whittle the enemy down over time. Missile Pods can make a huge, HUGE difference; those light artillery pods are easily capable of bringing down an enemy mecha a turn when used correctly.

        Basically, the Zentraedi player has to play with an eye towards his/her whole army and think a move or two ahead. They have to take both their own moves into consideration and their opponent’s, more so than the UEDF player.

        If you’re not on the RRT “unofficial” facebook group, join us there. Some of us were discussing Zent tactics last night (someone linked this and another blog) and sharing stories of Zentraedi wins, and I think we’d be more than happy to help you out with devising some winning strategies.

      2. Ankoku1331

        All of what you have written is true for any wargame, thus I find nothing to disagree with.

        That being said, again from our play experiences, if the UEDF player focuses on taking out the Glaug’s first, which any UEDF player should, reinforcements and command points are eliminated. Scout pods are as fragile as battlepods and secondary targets for elimination. My problem is when the point totals for each side were even or in most cases the Zentraedi side had 10 points more, a good UEDF strategy combined with one-shot kills handily defeated the Zentraedi side. Massed firepower does bring down Valkyries and Destroids, but when two to four Zentraedi units have to focus on one UEDF enemy unit, while that one unit can take out those four speaks to a balance issue. Again, this is from our play experience.

        I believe that the Zentraedi can win games, but I also believe that the Zentraedi side could be more in balance with the UEDF side to provide a more even experience for players. People new to gaming are not going to spend as much time as you or I on the subject, and if they experience what I have, may decide to stop playing altogether, instead of discussing issues such as this. I have been wargaming, gaming in general for over 20+ years, thus I understand that discussion and thoughtfulness is necessary for some games, but new gamers who might pick this up because they are Robotech fans might get frustrated if they feel that one side is more powerful than the other.

        Hopefully that makes sense. Thank you for the facebook group notice, I will take a look.

  4. Mike

    Well that is why you simply use Battlepods as “ablative” armor for the Command Pod. Friendlies in the same squadron do not block LOS.

    1. Ankoku1331

      That is an amusing thought, the battlepods as ablative armor (I am picturing a Glaug with battlepods hanging off the body, legs, arms, and top cannon hoping around the battlefield), not sure how well that would work, but worth a try.

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