He Remembered Us

Jon Alderink if you are reading this post, meaning that you Googled yourself :), the Richmond family says


Jon AlderinkWe went to an event with one goal, to meet Jon Alderink again.  The last time we met him was at the Traverse City Comiccon, our first con.  He was very cool to meet.  Thus, finding out that he was going to be at this event we wanted to see him.  We did not expect him to remember us.  He did.  That was so awesome to have someone you meet for a brief, but memorable moment, remember you many months later.

He was setting up for the event, but was nice enough to talk to us for a few minutes, sign a comic book of his, settle an argument between the boy and I about how many stones are on the infinity gauntlet, the consensus was six, I still say five. 🙂 Then we left so he could get back to setting up.  Totally awesome.


3 thoughts on “He Remembered Us

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