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Today is my first day off without any work of any kind that I have to do.  Normally I make time for myself and the family.  I do this through working hard during the week, getting assignments done early, and so on.  I like my free time.  I need my free time.  I think that everyone needs more free time.

So what will I be doing with my free time?

At the moment I am editing another 10 pages of my role-playing game, Building Blocks.  I am finding I enjoy editing more than I used too, thank you education for that, because if you search editing on this blog you will find a post or two where I express my distaste for this process of writing.

Allow me to share with you some spam, I love spam. Spam brings a smile to my face.  Not the pink gelatinous cube, that raised my blood pressure.  The title of this post is from spam I found today.

shoes editors are now being buzzed

  • I imagine if my job was to edit shoes that I too would need to be buzzed.

In addition, many lottery systems have backed up my research as well.
But you’re hovering over hazardous ice if you give anything that hints of the need for hair removal.
All your beliefs, values and rules must be aligned and there.

  • I love the rapid change in topics in that one piece of spam; lottery, hovering ice, hair removal, and beliefs.

Then I may play some Diablo III.  We have been playing Diablo III again, with the new content (newish by this point) and because my character is lite on bonus xp gear has fallen behind the rest of the family in levels, so I may solo for a bit to catch up.

Later, if the artistic bug strikes begin the process to create some terrain for D&D Attack Wing  and Star Trek Attack Wing. At a minimum draw a blue circle on some cardstock and call that a lake or blue nebula. 🙂

Mostly though, I am going to enjoy the feeling of not being busy or feeling like I “have” something to do.


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