Merry Sickmas and Chinese Dinner

“Can you feel it in your lungs?” Barb asks the boy.

“Yes,” he says having another coughing fit. “Where are my lungs?”

Both children are sick and do not show signs that they will be well for Christmas.  That sucks for them.  Bums us out as the best part of Christmas is watching the kids explode with joy as they unwrap presents.  Then invariably because we are gamer parents the joy of playing whatever new game or games that they children got.

What is worse to us is that we are at the end of being “strict parents.”  See our boy made a deal with us for an early Christmas present. To get the present he would not get anything on Christmas.  He was, as we expected, overjoyed at the time he got the early present.  Two days later, buyers remorse set in.  His sister tried to warn him, we tried to warn him, but he wanted that present right then and there.  Since that time he has been very mopey that he won’t be getting anything under the tree.  So much mopey that the present he wanted early goes un-played with, almost as if he is punishing the present.

Being the good parents we are, we have been playing along with the whole “no presents until Christmas” thing.  Being awesome parents we got him a few things that we know he wants, but has no clue about.  Thus for us Christmas was going to be a double joy because he would come downstairs all mopey while our girl would…run, nope…fly, nope…teleport in a BAMF of joy downstairs to tear into her presents.  Then our boy would find presents for him.  Not as many our girl has, but she didn’t ask for anything early.

We would be awesome parents.

Alas with Merry Sickmas in full flower here, there will still be joy, but that will be tempered by fevers, runny noses, coughing, and sleepy children.  Here is hoping for a Christmas Miracle of health.

While the children continue to be sick, I am working on a Chinese Christmas feast.  Today I am making egg rolls. This, like sushi, can be an all day affair primarily because everything inside the eggroll has to be chopped and sliced into bite size pieces. The one time I was lazy with my cuts, the egg rolls tasted good, but each bite was an exercise in not pulling out the hot ingredients.  Thus I take my time.

Prep work for Almond Boneless Chicken is started, only because this will be the largest batch we have ever made. With each batch I find myself making more to satisfy the appetite of the children who love Almond Boneless Chicken. From one breast to two to three for the boy the last time we ate the meal.  This batch is looking to be six or seven breasts. In an effort to fill up stomachs some more there will be egg drop soup, the aforementioned egg rolls, lots of rice, and possibly a “side” of Moo Goo Gai Pan.


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