Imperial Troops Have Entered The Base!

Which would be a problem except General Weiss in his walker is too big to fit down the hallway. I have no words. If I was Darth Vader I would force choke some people. The rebels needed to get to three locations before turn 7. At the end of turn 5 General Weiss, in his walker, arrived with much fanfare and “oh craps.” Then everyone realized what I had realized the second I placed him on the board, his walker was so big that he could not move down the hallway.

Fat WalkerLet’s backup a bit. The mission was A New Threat. The task for the rebels was to find three computers, download the data, and get out of dodge. The task for the Imperials, was to crush the rebels. As usual, the Imperials (me) started off with few resources. Thankfully the threat level was 3-points a turn. The rebels split up, Fenn Signis (lone wolf soldier) went to the top of the map; Jyn Odan (smuggler) and Diala Passil (jedi) went east.

Lone wolf soldier made short work of a probe droid, but ran into nexu (taco mouthed cats-thank you kids for the name) problems-a nexu behind the door and bigger nexu behind him. The smuggler and jedi were slicing through probe droids and squads of troopers. The silver lining for the Imperials, the smuggler had taken a lot of damage and lone wolf was separated from the other two rebels.

Right when I thought that all three rebels would be caught out in the open for the walker to eliminate, the smuggler and jedi double moved behind cover. The walker is placed on the table, completely blocking off the hallway, but the smuggler and jedi were behind cover. I was out of threat points-meaning I could not deploy any troops. The soldier was the only rebel that the walker could shoot at, only if the solider came out of the room he had been in. He did not.

The end of the game, the last two turns were tense. The smuggler and jedi had to eliminate two probe droids and activate the last terminal. Wounded, the smuggler while closer to the terminal, was not suited to activating the terminal. Turn 6, the smuggler close to the terminal, rolls two dice hoping to get a result that was on one facing of the die. Nope! The jedi eliminated the probe droids, then moved to assist with the terminal. Turn 7, the smuggler makes one last attempt, rolls the dice, the rebels holding their breath. Bounce, roll, bounce again, wobble…one die fail, I am getting ready to declare victory for the Imperials…second die stops moving, the rebels go nuts.

And why did the Imperials lose? Because a walker was too big to move down the hallway. At least that is my excuse. Imperial Assault has been a great learning experience every game. For example, this game I was able to maneuver my troops around well enough to wound the smuggler and most of my troops stayed on the board for more than one turn. Soon enough the rebels will be crushed!


2 thoughts on “Imperial Troops Have Entered The Base!

  1. I recall the scenario – but I thought the Walker can ignore the red terrain, and have LOS to any of the ‘back areas’ in the scenario, it just can’t cover all 3. AM I wrong there?

    At any rate – I see you had the ultimate victory in the end… 🙂

    I’m using Military Might as well – to good effect, I think I am 5-3 vs the Rebels with Temptation, Chain of Command and the Finale remaining.

    We are even on XP now at 10, they have Wookie allies… that’s about it. Think I should go for the medics (2xp) or for the relentless assault (3xp)?

    1. Ankoku1331

      It’s been a bit since we played the scenario, so I do not know.

      I found Military Might workable, the medics was a lifesaver especially in larger battles.

      Nice to see other people enjoying Imperial Assault.

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