Random Bits of Ephemera

I woke up, stomach feeling like crap.

When I am at the grocery store I look into passing carts and make judgment calls.

Amazon sent me an email, they cannot get a hold of what I pre-ordered…yet.

Sometimes the name makes the cake. Sometimes the cake tastes good regardless of the name. Sock It To Me cake is one such case of the cake tasting good regardless of the name.

thKD5N7179Coke Zero is good. Vanilla Coke Zero is good. Coke Zero with a squeeze of lime is good. Coke Zero Lime is a travesty, unless you like fake lime. Coke Zero Orange is a trap. IT’S A TRAP! Unless you like the taste of orange medicine.

Why add lemon to Caesar salad dressing? Because you don’t want people to eat the salad.

A cart full of two-liters of pop and boxed and frozen food…need I tell you my judgment.

Rare is the cart full of meat, fruits, and vegetables.

Common is the cart full of beer and one loaf of bread.

Looking over portfolio examples has done more to show me what I do not want to do with mine that reassure me that what I want to do can or should be done.

Our children flip flop-one day one is pokey, the next the other. If I could only get the pattern right.

Hulk FistA light in the shape of Hulk’s fist beats a light in the shape of a lamp any day.

Dexter staring down at you while you are on the toilet is a great motivator to finish your business in a timely fashion.

With the purchase of another wall calendar or two we could chart out our remaining time here and still have a month or two to ourselves.

Despite having the same routine every week our children seem determined to behave as if their life has no structure.

If the only meal our boy can make when he leaves the house is tacos, I will feel I have succeeded. I will not eat over at his place a lot, but at least he can cook one meal.

A cart full of frozen food topped with the largest package of toilet paper says more than you expect.

Rainbow Dash makes an awesome night light.

When we are checking out, most of the toys belong to the adults. Most of the candy belongs to the kids.

Legos are for a lifetime.

With the immanent arrival of a new Spongebob movie my wardrobe will get a make over.

In spite of having over a million pieces Lego only sells a fraction online. Why? Put every piece up for sale and make a million more dollars.

Burping orange lemon is not as appealing as one would think.

That was my day. How was yours?


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