It Ended on A Force Choke

Nexu 1Our first skirmish Star Wars Imperial Assault game is over. Victory goes to, Darth Vader. Skirmish is the second game in Star Wars Imperial Assault, the first being Campaign. In a skirmish game each side picks their own army. A skirmish game can be played to victory points, objectives, or last figure standing.

Last night, I pulled all of the board tiles out of Descent. We didn’t enjoy Descent as much as we are enjoying Star Wars Imperial Assault. Why? I don’t have a solid reason other than we are a Star Wars family and when we play fantasy games we like recognizable elements. Regardless, the tiles were what I was after. Star Wars in a dungeon, why not? Think Jedi or Sith Temple. That was what we were thinking.

Our goal, to play one game to see if skirmish appealed to us. The boy set up the board, a huge monstrosity; a huge u-shaped section attached to a main section with a starting point off of each side. The board looked really cool, huge, and I wondered how much would see use. Here is a lesson, large boards that have one path to a central area, are boring. Three or four turns of movement for both of us to collide in the middle of the board.

darth-vader-2Surprising me, the boy choose the scum and villany side. He had two nexu (taco mouths-see non-Darth pics), some trandoshans, and IG-88. I took the Imperial side. I had Darth Vader, some stormtroopers, and an imperial officer. I needed none of them.

Darth Vader rocks! Probably a duh for everyone, but until I was slashing my way through all of the boy’s guys, except one trandoshan who was brought down by massed stormtrooper shooting, I had no idea how bad ass Darth Vader could be. Get into position, slash one nexu, then another. Force choke a trandoshan. Move slash, slash. IG-88 starts shooting, big deal! Darth Vader advances, hack, slash, and force choke. That is how IG-88 went out, choked to death.

Vader’s two attacks were great, as long as the enemy was adjacent.  Force choke, hilarious. Two black defense dice and the ability to re-roll one, AWESOME! That saved Darth’s bacon. At the end of the game, Darth had taken four damage.

Enough glorifying Darth Vader, the command deck, which each player builds, was a lot more fun and useful than I was expecting. Usually, command cards or a similar mechanic turn out to have no appreciable value or are overly game changing. These, at least the ones we used (0 cost cards), were perfect for casual play; move a space further, bonus to range or damage, or remove a status effect. Both of us are looking forward to building command decks that suit our style of play.

th (2)Skirmish, even on an oversized board was a lot of fun. Making a good break from the campaign-the rebels are still recovering from their loss (and a week of school :)). The change of pace (still fast, but you no longer have to focus on a time limit or other game ending event), style (go at it and best player wins), and being able to use anything from the box rounds out Star Wars Imperial Assault.


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