Barbeque Sauce Science…Sorta

Our boy has a science project due tomorrow. He has had one week to work on this science project. He must have a tri-fold board along with all of the key elements of a science project; hypothesis, question, methods, and results. This is not something that you give someone a week to do. Not college students and definitely not fourth graders who often have a hard enough time remembering to bring home their gloves. That is, if they remembered to wear gloves in the first place.

Family traits such as eye color, cleft chin, and the like is what the boy choose for his project. Before we talked him down he was talking about yanking out hair and having Barb run genetic tests on his samples. Seriously, yank out hair. Barb, our medical and science office, talked him down to four traits, a survey, and some squares. He was all into the whole learning process. The putting the board together…screeeech brakes locked and project on hold.

He loves to create stories. He loves to draw comic books. Write stuff, write anything? NO!

So, here we are “working” with him to get this project onto the board. Bare in mind that Barb is a pharmacy graduate student and I am a college student of less repute than graduate. Meaning we both have studying and homework of our own to get done before tomorrow. This is from the guy who busts his ass each week to ensure that he has one day, Saturday, to do anything he wants. Sunday, inevitably homework for Monday; today’s homework was not there on Friday when I checked in one last time. I have no idea why there was only a week for this science project. I would love to know, but I feel the answer would be along the lines of, “that is all of the time we were allocated.”

With Barb helping the boy more than me, see science officer reference above, I focused on making life easier for her. Since I am not allowed to do laundry-turned everything grey, turned everything pink, and shrank a “favorite” sweater-I focused on what I do well, cooking. Which did not start off well. The original plan was to make pulled pork for a variety of dishes over the weekend. Unfortunately, the pork did not comply with my desires. I could have forced the issue, but I like low and slow. Which is why the pork was done today.

To celebrate the pork, I made the barbeque sauce. I wanted a sauce that was light, not clumpy, with apple flavor. This is what I created. The sauce is thin. Covers and adheres well. If I will change anything it will be to add a tablespoon of honey to help add sweetness.

Whisk in a bowl:

  • 1/2 cup ketchup
  • 1/2 cup apple juice (Juicy Juice tastes best to me)
  • 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
  • 3 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1 tsp hot mustard (this could go up to 1 tbsp)

At this point I poured this into the slow cooker with the pork. This sauce could be heated in a pot, let boil one minute and remove from heat.

To round out the pork, I cooked some bacon, sliced onions, and mushrooms. The pork and toppings were topped with a 50/50 mix of sharp cheddar cheese and Swiss cheese. Sorry, our girl is reminding me, hers had sliced pickles on top. 🙂



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